Princess Adrian

Hello to all of My current and future money slaves, minions and addicts.   My name is Adrian, and as you will soon learn, I am THE Alpha Princess; divine, demanding, oh so incredibly ADDICTING!

• I am a drop dead gorgeous, blue eyed Goddess.
• I am a dangerously skillful FemDom.
• I am an insatiably greedy Money Domme.
• I am a cruel, bratty prick tease.
• I am a discriminating, humiliating Size Snob.
• I am a vicious manipulative mind fucker.
• I am a spoiled, gold-digging home wrecker.
• I am an irresistible, indiscriminate heart breaker.

→ you…are FUCKED!

No matter how strong you think you are, I can get inside your head and pull you in.  If you’re foolish enough to try and resist Me, I will break, bend and change your will.  Like putty in My freshly manicured hands, I will mold you into My obedient little plaything.  I will transform you into a mind fucked, pussy-whipped, ass worshipping addict in no time!  you will be begging Me to own you, to use you, to destroy your drab little life as you know it.  It may seem an intimidating concept, but don’t fear My pet, losing yourself to Me will be so amazing!

Are you ready to give in to the incredible temptation of Adrian Adoration?  Well you should be, because you’re about to get your first taste of the Goddess who will become your most intense obsession.  I will be your Owner, your Alpha, your Everything and you will be consumed by All things Princess Adrian.

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